Soup from your Heart & Soul!

It seems like eons since I talked to you directly. I know you have been busy with the child in your life with autism and I have been busy redesigning my website to make it more user-friendly and interactive. Now that Autism Today is becoming more streamlined, I have much ..Continue Reading

My Sons Letter of Apology to Bus Driver (when he cut the bus seats)

When Jonny was in the 6th grade he was told he had to write a letter of apology to the driver before they would let him ride the bus again.  This letter certainly opened our eyes to the abuse that many children with autism may never be able to speak ..Continue Reading

Tips for Jonny and Other Kids with Autism!

Here is a list of tips i came up with to explain Jonny’s idiosyncrasies to people when he was younger WHAT AUTISM IS: Jonny has a neurological condition called autism where he thinks differently than other kids HOW DOES HE THINK DIFFERENT? • SOCIAL SKILLS: His ability to relate to people ..Continue Reading