The Velocity of Generosity – My life as “Sis”

Around the age of three or so, Karen was delegating this task to me of creating these bridges and fancy buildings in the sandbox outside – our Mom watched from the kitchen window. There we were playing there together in the sandbox creating a fortress. She was the idea-maker and I was the worker bee. We both have lots of creative ideas now, and I am still one of her special “bees”.
I remember when Karen broke her arm – she was 6 or 7, playing on our swing set outside in the back yard. The kids were monkying around and somehow; the slide fell over on her arm. It broke in three places – the doctors nearly had to amputate! What a terrifying ordeal that must have been for Mom. I remember being there at the doctor’s office and watching them rip and tear into her shirt to get her arm out as fast as they could to see the damage. “What a waste of a shirt”, I thought. The trip to the doctor had really interrupted my day too. It was very annoying. What really annoyed me was, since it was getting close to Christmas, the doctor gave her a really awesome sucker shaped like Santa Clause. It was the most beautiful sucker I had ever seen! Well, when we got home, I moped and complained and wined because I didn’t get one too. I just looked at my sister, her arm fully cast, and felt sorry for myself. I complained a lot!
She gave me that sucker! She has always been this way and still is today. She must have taken after our grandmother, Mama Nesse.
I am so fortunate to have Karen as my sister!