“Take-Home Toolkit” for Positive Relationships for those with Autism, Continued

…Continued: 2. Enhance empathy: Tune into empathy, not sympathy.  Try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they may be thinking or feeling, especially since they have difficulties understanding, expressing and showing emotions which can be confusing. Try to get a clear understanding of what visual and motor ..Continue Reading

Seeking Creative Website Developer on Autism Spectrum

There is a brand new, special animated series for children, parents and teachers currently being pitched to major television.  They are seeking creative website developer on the autism spectrum that can carry their concept all the way from script to screen.  Please email:  karenss@shaw.ca if you are a person on ..Continue Reading

“Take-Home Toolkit” for Positive Relationships for those with Autism

1. “Get” the label: We need to get past the label drama by offering a way to help people better understand what’s going on and ultimately support differences, not discriminate against them.  It’s not the label of autism that’s the problem, rather, the fear of the unknown and preconceived notions ..Continue Reading

What Led to the Birth of Chicken Soup

“Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs” is all about the relationships parents and caregivers have with special needs children. I first approached Mark Victor Hansen in 2001 to create this book, because by now, I had heard so many heartwarming, loving, emotional and “chicken-soup able” stories from ..Continue Reading

Being Your Own Best Advocate for those with Autism!

Recognizing the early signs of autism is not always a mystery, but learning about the right types of foods, therapies and interventions can sometimes be obscure and elusive. Helping facilitate the success of an autistic child can be challenging without the right tools. Planning for a child’s future, having resources ..Continue Reading

For Children with Autism and Language Delays

There are proven, effective ways to help children learn the art of dialogue. Conversation takes place between two people. Children can and do learn to stay on topic while they converse with adults and peers when equipped with the right tools. Learning to respond appropriately and spontaneously to questions first ..Continue Reading

Teaching Children with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS

Teaching children who have autism, aspergers, PDD-NOS, and speech & language delays can be a challenge, to say the least. What seems like common knowledge to most, is baffling to others. Pictures with questions and answers have proven to be powerful tools for teaching children this so called common knowledge. ..Continue Reading

The Birth of the Official Autism 101 Manual

Navigating through the hospital, education and community relationships was difficult to say the least.  I learned to always ask questions.  Access to school systems and understanding the process, as a mother of a child with autism and five other children was challenging.  I found it very difficult to understand autism, ..Continue Reading

Beginning ‘Little Rainman’

During these days I sought information to help his teachers relate to him better by understanding him. Just like with Mrs. Spaulding example, I had to explain over and over again what Jonny’s unique gifts and challenges were all about. I looked for some sort of book I could just ..Continue Reading

Announcing the “Hope, Healing & Possibilities” Conference in Edmonton, AB

The conference features some of the world’s foremost autism experts speaking on a wide range of topics featuring the latest research on the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This conference is an excellent opportunity for those seeking evidence to support the use of various biomedical treatment options. It will provide ..Continue Reading