The Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Autism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has shown promising results in the treatment of autism.  HBOT involves the breathing of pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber – pressurized above one atmosphere absolute (ATA). Originally utilized to treat a life-threatening condition known as the ‘bends’, in divers, its therapeutic use has expanded to ..Continue Reading

Kids with Autism have Feelings Too! Don’t Bully Them

Sometimes, children with autism get upset easily because and act out in frustration of not knowing what else to do. On the outside, they appear to us to be  out of control. Sometimes it’s hard for others to understand what’s going on. When children with autism get teased it can ..Continue Reading

How is Digestion, Elimination and Nutrition Absorption Related to Autism Spectrum Disorders?

A Gut Feeling! The Importance of Digestion, Elimination Dr Michael Nowazek M.N.D. is amazing is his explanation on Nutrient Absorption in Autism Spectrum Disorders. He knows more about the importance of bowel function and how it is directly related to neurological function than you or I can even imagine!  He ..Continue Reading

To Learn and Gain Knowledge is Autism Insight

Karen, I am honored that you reach out to me regarding my writings which is a chronicle of my experiences both happy and sad and from the perspective of a father who is committed to his family and wish to do his very best. I am so affected by my ..Continue Reading

Chicken Soup, Children with Special Needs

Dear Edward, One of the most special books I have ever had a hand in bringing to realization is Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs. Though I approached Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield in the late 90’s to bring these heart-warming, inspirational stories to the world, ..Continue Reading

Self Injurious Behavior and Autism

I lost your last letter while trying to respond to it. I am returning to the school where I had taught for several years. Last week I saw a student that was there when I was a teacher. His new teacher did not know his history but had seen his ..Continue Reading

How Parents Can Help a Child with Autism

Share the knowledge; Understanding autism is to raise awareness and the issues surrounding it. Typically, children with autism may have issues around what is safe and what is not.  Because of their literal way of understanding, they can be perceived as being blunt and offensive in what they say and ..Continue Reading