A Story of Trevor in His World With Autism

“TREVOR’S WORLD” (Submittals for Chicken Soup For the Soul; Children with Special Needs) I have a son named Trevor he’s not like you and me when he was born he changed our life in ways we couldn’t see In his crib we hung up mobiles he loved to watch them ..Continue Reading

Turning the Autism Table

My sweet sister Susan loves to write too! Here is a new one of hers I think you will enjoy Turning the Autism Table, by Susan Simmons The following story is a hypothetical story of what I would like to see in the future, and what I think will happen ..Continue Reading

Temple Grandin on TED; Autism is a Continuum

Temple Grandin is very specific about how she describes autism, how to foster success in the autistic child, why the world needs people on the autism spectrum. Autism is a very big continuum, from severe (nonverbal) to brilliant to (scientists). The kids growing up now can be the next great ..Continue Reading

Autism in a New Light

“Autism in a New Light”, by Susan Simmons I had the fortunate experience of “realizing” an autism episode yesterday just like the ones I’ve been reading about in my educational studies, books, and blogs. It was really quite interesting, as the child’s actions were literally replicated to the ones the ..Continue Reading

Girls with Asperger’s

Are there behaviors that are seen in girls with Aspergers, but not in boys, that we haven’t yet identified as part of the profile… or certain gender-related behavior that might fool us into ruling out the diagnosis? What about the “pretend play” that has been observed in many young girls ..Continue Reading