Today’s Insight on Autism: Can Food Sabotage Your Child’s Progress?

We love reading these articles and sharing them with our readers. There are so many ways people are dealing with sensitivities for those with autism and ADD/ADHD.  Thank you so much Dr.  Dantini for submitting your article! Sincerely, Karen Simmons Can Food Sabotage Your Child’s Progress? by Dr. Daniel Dantini, ..Continue Reading

Autism Tomorrow…

Autism Tomorrow…Planning for the Future, While Creating the Best Present.

Today’s Insight on Autism: Special Needs Kids and Team Sports

This story was sent by one of our many readers and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you Monica for contributing to everyone. Please keep sharing your stories with us! Sincerely, Karen Simmons Special Needs Kids and Team Sports by Monica Johns It is a bright sunny day ..Continue Reading

Time Sense and Autism

“Time Sense” by Pamela Dean Bonta Tim (name changed) was a thirteen year old boy in my autism class. He always wore his watch, could read both analog and digital time, could tell what time the events on his schedule occurred…yet frequently asked questions about time – how long until ..Continue Reading

Autism Insights: Happy Anniversary…A Celebration Of the Not So Typical Child

“I will take a moment to give thanks and love to my child for never letting me stay at the pity party too long, for reminding me that life is hard but giving up is not an option, and that any limitations that are put on him were not set by him but by others who saw his disability as a weakness.”

Today’s Insight on Autism: Finding the Joy

Thank you Rebecca for sharing this very special story. We really love to read the stories that are pouring in and sharing them again with all of you! Sincerely, Karen Simmons Finding the Joy by Rebecca Rivera “Oh, I’m so sorry” “Poor thing” “It must be really hard for you” ..Continue Reading

“Keys to the Treasure Chest” Autism Conference

Welcome Message On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2010 Training Workshop “Keys to the Treasure Chest, Discover the Gems Within!”, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at this exciting two day event. The workshop will be taking place in Calgary, AB on ..Continue Reading