TV Worldwide ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ Town Hall Webcast

TV Worldwide ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ Town Hall Webcast Attracting National Attention on ‘Give The World Your Heart TV’

Dr. Temple Grandin and Autism Experts Led by Autism Today CEO Karen Simmons to be Featured in Free Webcast Supported by College Internship Program, Spectrum Supplements, Canadian National Autism Foundation, Respen-A™

Streaming Live from TV Worldwide Studios Near Washington D.C. Monday, November 1, 2010, 2 PM ET at www.GTWYH.TV

TV Worldwide, (, the Internet’s first TV network, announced that it had been selected to webcast ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ the first in a series of free live Interactive national town hall Internet TV presentations, November 1, 2010 at 2PM ET. The event is being produced in support of Internet TV channel Give The World Your Heart TV (www.GTWYH.TV) and will feature a panel of experts discussing the issues surrounding children with Autism as they enter adulthood.

Led by Karen Simmons, CEO of Autism Today (, and author of ten autism-related titles, including Chicken Soup for the Soul Children with Special Needs Children, and The Official Autism 101 Manual, the ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ town hall webcast will feature several of the top experts and advocates in North America’s autism community, including:

  • Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned agricultural scientist, livestock expert and perhaps the world’s most famous person with autism;
  • Dr. Stephen Shore, professor at Adelphi University, person on the autism spectrum, and author of Autism for Dummies;
  • Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, founder and director of C.A.R.D. (Center for Autism and Related Disorders); founder of ACT for Military Families
  • David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines & the Autism Epidemic; and
  • Elaine Hall, “CoachE”, dubbed the “Child Whisperer” by the New York Times, subject of 2-Emmy winning HBO documentary, Autism: The Musical.

The event is made possible through the sponsorship support of leading Autism sector organizations, including College Internship Program, Spectrum Supplements, Canadian National Autism Foundation, and Respen-A™ which will be featured during the webcast.

“We’re pleased to have again been selected to deploy our TV Worldwide Internet TV network to support the disability community and Give The World Your Heart TV,” stated Dave Gardy, chairman and CEO of TV Worldwide. “With the event’s high caliber experts, we’re getting huge interest for this webcast and we’re provisioning our servers accordingly. This content will eventually be featured on our re-launched Internet TV Channel for the community of people with disabilities, WebAble TV which we will launch later this year in cooperation with The Paciello Group, a leading accessibility consulting group.”

“Emerging technologies such as Internet TV and Social Media provide great hope and opportunities for positive solutions in the Autism community to reach the masses,” remarked Sandy Masin, Founder of Give The World Your Heart, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization ( and the parent company of ‘Give The World Your Heart’ TV. “We are pleased to be able to work with Internet TV pioneer TV Worldwide to present this webcast series featuring a highly esteemed group of experts dedicated to this cause.

“The number of persons with Autism has increased at staggering epidemic rates,” said Ms. Simmons. “Now is the time to reverse this trend with proven treatments, awareness and sustainable best practices and the ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ webcast series is integral to getting the word out.”

This national town hall event be webcast live beginning 2 PM ET, Monday, November 1, 2010 at www.GTWYH.TV and in addition to National League of Cities TV ( Visitors to the live webcast will be able to post questions to interviewees and participate in Q&A via e-mail, providing a fully interactive forum for sharing information.

About Give The World Your Heart

Give The World Your Heart, Inc. ( was formed for exclusively charitable, religious, educational, scientific, or literary purposes. Give The Word Your Heart, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company. The organization’s Internet TV channel, ‘Give The World Your Heart’ TV (www.GTWYH.TV) viewers enjoy positive motivational programming, live webcasts, music video, documentaries and shows from participants from all over the globe, that encourage viewers to send their heartbeats in an effort to grow a new health heartbeat counting measurement called Total Gratitude Heartbeat Counter.

About TV Worldwide

Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide ( developed the first Internet TV network of community-based Internet TV channels, primarily targeting niche professional communities ranging from the Maritime industry to the Digital Media sector. Known by many in the industry as “Intelligent Internet TV”, Fortune 500 companies, 27 federal government agencies, and numerous International associations including the National Association of Broadcasters, utilize TV Worldwide’s live and archived state-of-the art video streaming content applications and Internet TV channels. In recognition of the company’s unique achievements in new media, TV Worldwide was selected by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) to webcast the Daytime Emmy Awards and the Emmy awards for Technology and Engineering 2007 through 2009. CEO Dave Gardy has been honored by Streaming Media Magazine in 2008 as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy also currently serves as the President of the International Webcasting Association (IWA) (

Your Personal Invitation to Autism Calgary, Nov. 22-23 & an Early Bird Bonus

On behalf of everyone at Autism Today, greetings! I hope this message finds you and your families, organizations and, above all, the people with autism in your life – and of course, you, if you are on the spectrum – in great health and in happy places in your lives. I am writing you today to encourage you to attend our next conference, Autism Calgary: Keys to the Treasure Chest: Behavioral Strategies for Persons with ASDs,, at the MacEwan Conference Centre at the University of Calgary, Alberta, on November 22-23, 2010.

I have never been so excited about an Autism Today conference as I am about Autism Calgary. What a line-up! Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned agricultural scientist, livestock expert and perhaps the world’s most famous person with autism, will make her first public appearance in Canada since the HBO movie based on her life, “Temple Grandin,” swept the Emmys in August. I am looking forward to welcoming my dear friends, Dr. Stephen Shore, professor at Adelphi University, person on the autism spectrum, and author of Autism for Dummies, and Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, founder and director of C.A.R.D. (Center for Autism and Related Disorders). I am also thrilled to be able to welcome Huffington Post blogger and respected investigative journalist, David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines & the Autism Epidemic. Note too that in Calgary, my team will unveil the new Web 2.0 Autism Today website, a social media-driven e-commerce portal for everyone in the autism community, and a new way for all of us to interact with each other, and share our stories, needs and policy priorities with the neurotypical world.

Exhibitor and sponsor opportunities are still available for Autism Calgary. Attending Autism Calgary as an exhibitor is an affordable way to both promote your business and to benefit from the latest perspectives of several of our top experts and leaders. Better yet, act as an Autism Calgary sponsor, and take advantage of the opportunity to co-brand your organization, product or service with Autism Today and several of our community’s top names. Autism Calgary sponsors at the gold level and above are also eligible for a 30% discount on any level of sponsorship at Autism Vancouver, April 7-10, hosted by Woman in Red star Kelly LeBrock.

Finally, for individual registrants, we have extended the Early Bird registration deadline to Wed., November 10th, and, for Early Bird registrants only, a free copy of our newest book, Autism Tomorrow, our roadmap for preparing your child for a fulfilling adulthood. To register as an exhibitor or to advertise in the conference program, please sign up on the Autism Calgary webpage, To discuss sponsorship options, please write Scott at, or call 1-877-9AUTISM.

As some of you know, I lost my mother, Mitzi, in August. My mom’s generosity, fortitude and fierce dedication to me became my own models when, many years later, I learned my son Jonny was on the spectrum. When I created Autism Today programming and products, and put these and everything else I could find of potential value to our community on the Autism Today website,, I did it with the mothers of autism in mind. Nothing means more to me than the good work we all do together to improve the opportunities and qualities of life for persons with autism. Each of you is a gift. At Autism Today, we are determined to help you devise new ways to enrich your chidrens’ lives, skills and experiences, and find ways for them to enter adulthood with an empowered spirit.

2010 has been a big year for everyone in the autism community. From Jon Stewart’s Night of Too Many Stars, to Temple Grandin’s triumphant sweep at the Emmys, the general public has begun to understand the struggles of families and persons living with autism, and reach back out to us to help. Autism Calgary is both an opportunity to celebrate our triumphs, and to regroup, network and get re-energized for next steps. I hope you will join us!

Thank you again for your friendship. I look forward to seeing you in Calgary!

Warmest regards & love,

Karen Simmons
Founder of Autism Today
Edmonton, Alberta

Heart for Those With Autism – A Message From Susan

A message from my sister Susan:

Justin is gifted in more ways than one. He’s great on the camera, but his passion for people is awesome! He wants to help people on the autism spectrum (I think he already is). The way he spoke about Tyler that day was very touching.

I spoke with Justin twice this weekend – once to thank him for doing the video. Then he called me back to tell me he saw the video and thanked us for the opportunity to make it. He liked it a lot, but felt he didn’t know enough about autism to really do a good job of it. I told him that’s why it was so perfect! It’s not the knowledge about the subject that matters as much as having a heart for it. The bloopers and cutting up made it really fun, but when he spoke about his friend Tyler with autism, his sincere side kicked in and he really spoke from the heart.

Justin really liked the video. He is very talented and has a lot of spunk. Lunch that day was more than extraordinary, as the food was not only superb, but he brought such a ray of sunshine to the table that day, that was unsurpassed.

But after talking today with Justin, I learned that what I like most about him is his passion to help other people. If we only think of ourselves, I think we kind of miss the boat in life. Love is giving of yourself to others, even if it’s as simple as a smile.

“No worries” goes a long way. If we worry, it blocks us from reaching out to others. It goes for abundance too. If you know that love is abundance, and you give it freely, it comes back to you.

Life is what it is going to be, so sit back and enjoy the ride, sit back and smile! It’s a whole lot more fun that way!

Thanks, Karen for giving me the opportunity to put this message out there!


Click Here to see Justin in action

Come to Calgary!

“Justin from East Shore Cafe in Daphne”

by Susan Simmons

We recently met a young man named Justin at East Shore Cafe in Daphne Alabama. No, he doesn’t have autism, he’s just a super wonderful guy that touched my heart – actually the hearts of all of us who had lunch there that day. He was our waiter at this truly remarkable and amazing cafe – the food was awesome! I have never encountered anyone before who did their job with such heart, passion, and enthusiasm!

How can such a simple job be so much fun, I wondered. It didn’t take long to realize that it’s really in the spirit of what we are doing, and not always necessarily what we are doing. Frame of mind is really the only thing that is real. It is when you are loving life and in the moment that brings inner peace and happiness.

Justin is a living example of what it means to enjoy life. They have a motto at the restaurant “no worries”.

My sister Karen told me years ago – maybe 20 – that she saw a woman in Sri Lanka stringing pearls or selling shells or something by the side of the road, yet she was happy. Not that waiting tables is an easy task, mind you.

Have you ever tried waiting tables? I have. It takes a lot of concentration – more than writing this post. It not only takes concentration, but coordination. If I had anywhere near the spunk that Justin has I would have tripped over one of those floor boards or dropped some soup in someone’s lap, for sure! he just whips around the corner of the flung door and zips to the end of the porch with food without spilling a drop! Kind of like in the cartoons!

We all took such a liking to him that we asked him to make a short clip for us to invite you to Calgary! He absolutely loves being on camera – no stage fright there! And, I really think he should be in the movies! See what ‘y’all’ think!

By the way, if you ever get to Daphne Alabama, be sure the get the corn and crab chowder at East Shore Cafe! It’s worth the trip!

Now, check out this wonderful young man who loves life more than just about anyone I’ve ever known!

“Come to Calgary!”

“Come to Calgary!”

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