TV Worldwide ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ Town Hall Webcast

TV Worldwide ‘Autism Today and Beyond’ Town Hall Webcast Attracting National Attention on ‘Give The World Your Heart TV’ Dr. Temple Grandin and Autism Experts Led by Autism Today CEO Karen Simmons to be Featured in Free Webcast Supported by College Internship Program, Spectrum Supplements, Canadian National Autism Foundation, Respen-A™ ..Continue Reading

Your Personal Invitation to Autism Calgary, Nov. 22-23 & an Early Bird Bonus

On behalf of everyone at Autism Today, greetings! I hope this message finds you and your families, organizations and, above all, the people with autism in your life – and of course, you, if you are on the spectrum – in great health and in happy places in your lives. I ..Continue Reading

Heart for Those With Autism – A Message From Susan

A message from my sister Susan: Justin is gifted in more ways than one. He’s great on the camera, but his passion for people is awesome! He wants to help people on the autism spectrum (I think he already is). The way he spoke about Tyler that day was very ..Continue Reading

Come to Calgary!

“Justin from East Shore Cafe in Daphne” by Susan Simmons We recently met a young man named Justin at East Shore Cafe in Daphne Alabama. No, he doesn’t have autism, he’s just a super wonderful guy that touched my heart – actually the hearts of all of us who had ..Continue Reading