Autism and Care-Giving

Were You Chosen? It is truly a gift to be a chosen one, with the responsibility of the nurturer/care giver, but it can also get very frustrating! Everyone is a nurturer in some form, to some degree, but others just naturally gravitate toward that role.  And then some are chosen ..Continue Reading

Conference in Edmonton, Alberta Connecting with Friends

I just went to a conference in Edmonton Alberta hosted by the Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton. It was a refreshing break to get to attend this event at my leisure and network from the many parents and professionals that frequented our Autism Today booth. Parents came up to me ..Continue Reading

77 Ways to say “Good Job”

Everyone likes positive pats on the back, recognition and acknowledgement for a job well done.  It’s especially vital when raising a child with an autism spectrum disorder.  We should be mindful that sometimes, with our children with ASDs, the label we use can be the opposite of a back-pat. When I ..Continue Reading

Battle Scars, Perfection and Autism

My sister wrote something today in her blog that struck me: As I was packing away my Christmas stuff this year, it dawned on me that the same nutcrackers I have been putting away for years were still broken, and no one was ever going to fix them. As my ..Continue Reading

Autism Funny For the Week!

As many of you may well know, children with autism are completely literal and straight to the point. This behavior has value for them, as there is nothing left undefined or misinterpreted. They express their thoughts in detail. Soooo I’m doing the socially appropriate thing and also love spending time ..Continue Reading