Karen’s Survivor Story

Based on my book, Surrounded by Miracles When I woke up, I couldn’t believe the pain shuddering through my entire body.  I wanted to die.  But wait, where was the baby?  I knew I was pregnant and that I had just delivered a beautiful baby boy, but he was nowhere ..Continue Reading

“Different Son” by Susan Werner – A Song about a Boy with Autism

Dear friends, I launched Autism Today as an online community in 1998. For families touched by autism, and facing so many challenges already, the Internet is more than a tool, it is a lifeline, connecting us with other families, expertise and resources, inspiration, and yes, good old entertainment. Every week, ..Continue Reading

NEW! Parents and Practitioners Employ web-based Skills™ for Children with Autism

NEW WEB-BASED Skills™ GIVES PARENTS AND PRACTITIONERS POWER TO RECOVER CHILDREN FROM AUTISM By Daphne Plump There are quite a few web-based tools on the market that are meant to treat children with autism and related disorders. And as with everything, another one just emerged – Skills™. But unlike all ..Continue Reading

3rd Autism Biennial Congress 2011 – with Guest Star Kelly LeBrock

Assisting children with autism to practice appropriate behavior can be quite challenging, especially when unexpected environmental factors play a significant part. We can not always control what others do in public, like at school, the grocery store, or in a store, etc. But there are techniques that parents, educators, health ..Continue Reading

I gave a rose to a guy!

Okay, he was a blind guy about 60 that came into my sons Jazz Club, “Rusty Reeds” tonight.  It was Valentines Day but most importantly, the rose which was given to me by the bartender needed a better home since I probably would’ve taken it home and let it wilt.  ..Continue Reading


Thank you Diana Twachtman-Cullen & Autism Spectrum Quarterly, for your review of Autism Tomorrow in ASQ! Bill Davis, my co-author of Autism Tomorrow, our manual for the transition to adulthood, and I our very honored and grateful to Diana for her review of our book, Autism Tomorrow in the Autism ..Continue Reading

Will you be my Valentine – in Vancouver?

Usually, in Karen’s Corner, I try to blog about something personal, some funny anecdote or experience that offers an insight about autism.  But I’m so excited about the line-up at Autism Vancouver I can’t help but talk about the conference. We are so lucky to welcome Hollywood leading lady Kelly ..Continue Reading

Every Child’s a Star: The story behind the Autism Today logo

Have I ever told you the story of the Autism Today logo?  When I first launched my company in 1998, I looked around our community, at the leading groups, government initiatives, schools etc. to see how they were branding themselves.  Even then, the puzzle piece had emerged as a powerful ..Continue Reading

Autism One – Thank You! – Februry 2, 2011

Thank you, Autism One Three cheers for Autism One for the exciting and creative work they are doing on their technology platform and their social media effort. At Autism Today, we like to keep an eye on best practices and try to emulate folks who do things right. We admire ..Continue Reading

Monarch House Autism Centre of Vancouver – Feb, 2, 2011

Thank you Megen Pauluk and everyone at Monarch House for signing up as an Exhibitor at Autism Vancouver. At Autism Today, we especially prize our community-level relationships with respected, local providers of services to the autism community in our host cities.  Clinical Director Chelsea Ganam, previously a Senior Behaviour Consultant ..Continue Reading