Be part of the Art! Exploring our Autism Arts Website,

Be part of the Art!  Start by exploring our autism arts website, The Art of Autism is universal.  For so many of our kids, art is that first inspiration that lures them out, into a world of fulfilling social interactions, through their exceptional, autism-enhanced ability to connect to others ..Continue Reading


Many of you have written or spoken to me personally about my new documentary series on PBS NEWSHOUR, “Autism Today,” produced by Caren Zucker, with the collaboration of Robin Mcneil, the beloved former co-host of PBS’ flagship news program, Macneil/Lehrer Newshour.  I have good news and bad news.  First – ..Continue Reading

Autism Vancouver Wrap Up and THANKS

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Autism Vancouver, on April 7-9,  Many months of hard work went into our 3rd biennial biomedical and behavioral Congress, arguably the autism community’s most diverse gathering of autism experts in a single event.  This year, with the help of ..Continue Reading

Autism Today – Did you see this PBS Documentary?

I don’t know if you ever saw this interview with me and my son, Jonathan in this live PBS Award Winning Special Documentary Series produced by WLIW New York, the third largest PBS station in the nation, titled “HEALTHY MINDS”. I thought I’d share an interview Jonny and I did ..Continue Reading