Stories From the Heart: Angel on Earth

Our first child, Matthew, was a much anticipated and planned-for child.  We had diligently finished college, established our careers and delayed parenthood until we could comfortably afford it and until I could stay home and be a full-time mother.  So much for planning for the perfect situation! Matthew was a ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Irish Eyes

As an undergraduate student, I was majoring in Physical Therapy. I had chosen to pursue a career in Physical Therapy in high school, and had never really questioned the decision. During my senior year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a BOCES in Ithaca, New York. I was focusing ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: That’s How Micheal Spells His Name

Micheal was angry, and yes, that’s how Micheal spells his name.  He says his mother made a mistake when she gave his name to the doctor.  He claims his mother isn’t very smart.  When Micheal tells us this, he goes on to say that that is why he isn’t very ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Camp Orkila

“Can I go upstairs, Mom?” Kevin asked, dropping his book on the table while he danced and twitched in the aisle, his eyes darting around the ferryboat. “Sure.  I’ll wait here,” I replied.  I could tell Kevin was nervous about this school outing to Orcas Island, but excited as well.  ..Continue Reading