Stories From the Heart: Alien

Last week I felt like the mother in the commercial, where her son shows her a good report card, and she starts to cry.  My son is growing up.  He pulled up his grades.  I wish he could do the same for his pants, but one thing at a time. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: A Soft Wind Flowing

I work day in and day out with children who have an array of disabilities. Truth be known, no two children are ever the same, despite the same labeled disabilities. What fascinates yet mystifies me at the same time, is our inability to see things the way that they do. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: My Hope

Perhaps through some miracle, my son David may turn out to be like Alfred Nobel, Pablo Picasso, or Hikari, but it is extremely unlikely. Those people touched the lives of multitudes through their works. David touches the lives of only a few, but the lives that he does touch are ..Continue Reading

Top Ten Things To Know & Do If Autism Strikes Your Family!

If you or someone you know receives a diagnosis for their child, student, family member or client you need to tell them early intervention is the best chance they have to get the child the help they need.  Be sure to tell them to get over it fast. Do not ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: What They Forget To Mention

I remember the day of my son’s diagnosis of Autism as if it were yesterday.  The tone of the doctor’s voice, the silence in the room, the words “lifelong disability, no cure, I’m sorry” still sting when I allow myself to reflect on that day.  But I have thought, on ..Continue Reading