Stories From the Heart: Sasha

Sasha was born a healthy beautiful child with all the potential in the world. As a first time mother I was so anxious and happy at the opportunity to love and raise this perfect human being. He laughed, played, and met milestones as any other neuro-typical child. He would consistently ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Baptism into Disability

Immersion – maybe you’ve witnessed people being baptized in a river? They go to the water’s edge anticipating the dunking but also feeling some trepidation about the process.  I think, most of all, they are looking forward to the time beyond the ceremony when the new life conferred by the ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Success Is Not Always Reaching Your Goal

The new thing, potty training, was not going well for my son, Sawyer.  He had just begun working with in-home therapists and they wanted us to put him on the toilet every half hour.  My wife didn’t think he was ready.  I wanted to work on at least getting him ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: I Wonder Why My Baby Brother Has Autism

My baby brother, Michael, has Autism and is three years old.  He is just now learning to say some words.  Autism is something when it is hard for a baby to learn to talk. Sometimes it is hard to understand him.  He calls me ‘Jonin’ and he calls my brother ..Continue Reading