Stories From the Heart: At The Supermarket

When our son Franklin was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three, my husband and I were very concerned about the emotional needs of our five year old daughter Marina.  We wanted to make sure that her needs were being met in the midst of the flurry of therapy, ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Put a Twist on It

It was a cold Fall day as I took my seat in my Introduction to Psychology class.  All the leaves had fallen off the trees on campus and a brisk wind howled through the campus building doors. There were about 60 other bright-eyed, young, “know-it-alls” in class with me as ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Take Flight

Aaron had been diagnosed with PDD-NOS when he was 2 years old and was just starting to be able to communicate verbally when I started to work with him at 4 years of age.  I was his in home therapist and worked with him one on one for approximately 30 ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: A Skunk Story, Glenn and I

My good friend, Louise, invited me to meet her cousin, Glenn.  During birth his brain had been deprived of oxygen which resulted in a number of challenges.  Both of his parents died in a car accident, so he had been taken in by their grandparents. Thirty-four years old, he was ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Learning Friendship

“Don’t look at me”, “Don’t touch me”, “Don’t sit near me”, and “Too loud, too loud” are the sensations that scream from within.  “Why does the world have to be so confusing?” “It hurts me.” My Molly is 5 years old.  She came to us at 20 days old as ..Continue Reading