Stories From the Heart: “C” is for Caitlyn

When I think back to my internship I always think about one student. Caitlyn, with a ‘C’, not a ‘K’.  She was this little 7 year old girl who was moderately mentally handicapped.  She came from a low income family.  Her hand-me-down clothes were permanently stained by red Kool-Aid.  Her ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Vet

Bubba, 14 years old, who has Asperger Syndrome, was not diagnosed until he was 13 years old. I wondered if this was a bad thing until an encounter he had with a Vietnam vet in our local Burger King.  I must tell you that one of Bub’s specialty topics is ..Continue Reading

Sports Games Boosts Tim Mather’s Quality of Life – By John M. Williams

Tim Mather sits in front of a computer. He waits patiently for the alarm clock near his desk to ring. His daily routine is to wait until the alarm rings ay 9:00 a.m. When the alarm goes off, he puts on his headphones, turns on the computer and waits for ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Four Perfect Children

My whole life has felt destined.  Even the parts that have been rough.  As the proud mother of four perfect children, three of which have special needs, I have had many tear filled moments. We have had moments that are heartbreaking, for what trials their lives may bring them, and ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Positive Autism Techniques for Managing Challenging Behavior

Autistic children have behaviors that are not pleasing for other people. However, an autistic child should not be scolded too much by parents. It is always better to follow pleasant ways to improve the child’s behavior. This will definitely result to positive changes if the strategy is done carefully to ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Autism Strategies for Encouraging Better Social Skills

In this article, I am going to teach you the top 10 strategies on how to help your autistic child develop social skills. With the right strategies, you can help your child reach his or her full potential when it comes to communicating with others. In our everyday lives, we ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Adventures of Elizabeth and Joseph

This is a recap of a day between me and my five year old son Joseph, with profound Autism. My sweetie Joseph woke up shortly after five, but feeling refreshed no doubt after a long healthy 11 hour snooze. I myself slept nicely, having him sleep all night, not something ..Continue Reading