Stories From thre Heart: Attitude adjustment

Our almost 9 year old is in the autistic spectrum.  We live in a world where periods of apparent normalcy are punctuated with acute reminders of his condition.  For example, as smart as he is, he can walk right in to traffic without giving it a second thought. One day, ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Only Way We’ve Ever Known Him

I needed to keep it together; hold back the tears, even though the struggle to do so felt like trying to stop a river from overflowing with just one bag of sand. I didn’t want to indulge my emotions in the clinical coldness of a Neurologist’s office. I preferred to ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Rose Meets the Toad

There was once a very beautiful rose that looked wonderful and smelled even better.  The rose felt on top of the world.  It knew that it was the most beautiful rose of the garden. Nevertheless, it noticed that people saw it at a distance, never up close. The rose realized ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: I Wrote This Story for My Little Boy

It came from a sad experience seven months ago. We were at a movie theater and for the first time my son was attempting to speak. A gentleman with two children was sitting a few rows away from us. He approached me and spoke very nasty to me because my ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Acceptance

When my son Daniel was only eleven months old, I went for my annual check-up with my obstetrician. While I waited for my name to be called my mind drifted. I had spent a lot of time there the previous year, preparing for Daniel’s birth. The smell of the office ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Autism Tools for Improving Communication

Those who have interacted with autistic people have become aware of the need to help them improve their communication skills. This type of people began to be frustrated when they can’t express their needs. Fortunately, there are a lot of strategies that parents can use to improve the communication abilities ..Continue Reading