Stories From the Heart: Destiny Joy

“She has Down Syndrome.” The words were spoken kindly and calmly by the midwife, but their impact simultaneously demolished the last shred of hope for my failing marriage. How would I support these three children by myself? How would I do full time care of this most precious institutionally needy ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: A Mother Knows Best

A mother knows when something isn’t right. Even at 19 years old I knew that there was something different about my baby.  I knew that his life was going to be a challenge and that mine would forever be changed from not just that of a carefree teenager to a ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Apps and Software for Autism

Why is the iPad so important for working with autism in children? Steve Jobs probably never had this in mind while he was developing it, but the truth is this little gadget has revolutionized the world for nonverbal kids with autism. Communication devices that before were cumbersome to use and ..Continue Reading

Autism Edmonton Keys to the Treasure Chest – Stephen Shore & Pamela Wolfberg

We are really excited to be less than a month away from our Upcoming Keys to the Treasure Chest Autism Workshop! This is a special notice to let you know that we have extended the early bird rates to now end on November 5th. Also, there has been a venue ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Does Anybody Care?

Often times the easiest reaction to human tragedy is to ignore it.  Yet when one is surrounded by a hundred Profoundly Mentally Handicapped children who also live with a multitude of other challenges, there is no way one can walk away.  The expressions in their eyes can communicate volumes if ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Little Ones to Him Belong

It was the first Sunday in December, which we refer to as the Advent of Hope Sunday. Christian, 3 years old son, had just been diagnosed with high functioning autism and I was very grieved with this news. In my attempt to sort out the grief and the pain, I ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Lost and Found

I had lost a lot during the years preceding my work with the special needs community.  I had lost a mother to colon cancer.  I had lost guidance and wisdom, along with the money needed to finance my education, to my father’s alcoholism.  A nineteen-year-old boy, I felt as though ..Continue Reading