Family Ties Help Keep Savvy Bully at Bay

What makes a true friend? Alex, my youngest son with CP found out the hard way. True friends don’t take advantage of you or your situation. Many tend to think of bullying as “Kids just being kids”.  That is too bad since history shows otherwise. With proper intervention any child ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: A Mother’s Prayer

God, I don’t know why my questions go unanswered. I love this child you’ve given me, but I don’t know how to cope with the pain frustration exhaustion. Reactions from well-meaning friends are sometimes hurtful. Through their eyes they see, handicapped slow disabled. If only they could see through your ..Continue Reading

“Unlimited Lives” Offered for Friend by Autistic Child

Have you thought of your own mortality lately? How have you dealt with the death of a friend, family member or co-worker? Sometimes life throws us a curve ball that must be dealt with on the spot. When I was at an attitudinal healing seminar in California one year I ..Continue Reading

To “Stim” or Not to “Stim”: Could You Be Autistic?

How many times have you seen someone in a chair, with legs crossed, rocking one leg back and forth or rotating their ankle? Sometimes they’re not even aware they’re doing it. What about other actions such as twirling of the hair or pulling on one’s ear lobe in response to ..Continue Reading

Tearing Cloths on a Whim and Greeting Guests Naked

“Brush your teeth.” “Flush the toilet!” Your reminders are constant and never seem to end… “Close the refrigerator door!” …these are the simple requests that pose limited problems if not obeyed. Now, imagine someone ripping up your cloths because they “feel like it.” What about a family member greeting guests ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Tiffany Never Stopped Talking

When I was a teenager and still living home with my parents, I dated this guy Bruce that owned a pet store. One day when I visited Bruce in the shop I noticed a little Siamese kitten that was in a cage without all the other Siamese kittens. The other ..Continue Reading

To Autistic Child, Raising Children…One at a Time, is Easy

Jonathan pulled a “funny”. You see, while at a conference in the South, we were staying with my parents and while we were all in the car, a discussion about the difficulties of raising six kids became lengthy.   Jonathan, who we thought wasn’t even paying attention, said “It isn’t ..Continue Reading

Picky Kids Have Disagreements with Parents Over Dinner

Dinner time is not always as enjoyable as it could be. When the occasional dinner guest has a few food restrictions you make due.  When your own family demands only a select handful of food is acceptable there is bound to be friction. Managing to get all six kids together ..Continue Reading

8 Year Old Autistic Author Makes Money With Book

We arrived in New Orleans for Jonathan’s eighth birthday and Autism Conference. The night before the conference we went into the lounge looking for video games to play and Jonathan began chatting with some people at the bar and made a few friends.   When he told them why he ..Continue Reading

Terrible Tantrums Tamed with Early Intervention Program

Looks can be deceiving. It’s not fair, I’ve been stared at, demeaned and told to “Control my child” over the years. People are quick to make assumptions and quick to judge all within a few seconds. When the screaming tantrums were at their worst I had to ignore those in ..Continue Reading