Sister-in-law’s Opinion Saves Window of Time for Autistic Child

EIP (Early Intervention Program) was a Godsend for Jonathan. Since I was still not absolutely convinced with the second opinion, I sought a third which had the same results. That second opinion came about from another doctor’s hour long observation of Jonathan and was the first I heard of EIP.  ..Continue Reading

Rain Man and a View of an Invisible Developmental Disability

The year was 1988 and it was called Rain Man. The movie Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman was cast as Tom Cruise’s long lost brother who had autism. Although Rain Man portrayed many visually striking and engaging scenes (displaying such characteristics as rocking, screaming and head banging), autism ranges from very ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Mason and Zeus

When Mason was born I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be a Mom walking down the mall with a beautiful autistic boy attached to his best friend and protector. A god sent gorgeous eighty-pound golden retriever service dog, meticulously trained for our son by ..Continue Reading

Overlooking the Obvious Signs of Autistic Behavior

Life gets busy having 6 children in the family and can seem out of control, at times, when 2 out of those 6 have developmental disabilities. In fact, I was so consumed with the needs of my three oldest children (then 3, 4 and 5) I didn’t originally suspect anything ..Continue Reading

Early Intervention Yields Improved Autistic Lifestyle

The autism diagnosis is official. What do you do now? Which therapy path is best, what does it involve and how long will it take to see results? Research your options, get involved, take note of small success (as well as setbacks) and never give up. There is no “silver ..Continue Reading

Rebel with a Cause: Focusing on the Problem, Not the Person

It is quite common for children to play the role of rebel while growing up. You’ve heard of the “Terrible Two’s” and may have experienced strong opposition from a teen on any and every issue that happened to come up. Now imagine a defiant special needs child acting out in ..Continue Reading

Autism and The Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

There are no words to express the sorrow we at Autism Today feel for the families of Newton Connecticut. A loss on an unimaginable scale has taken place and we grieve along with everyone touched by this tragedy. It is essential that we understand how to help our children through ..Continue Reading

This Child I Know… Delaying Only Denies Help

It is often difficult for parents to see what’s really happening with their child. In our office, nine out of ten people calling about “A child they know” are the relatives. Hinting to parents in a round-about way by talking of “This child I know…” may be the best approach ..Continue Reading

“Humble Pie” Moments Moderate Footloose and Fancy Free Meanderings

When Alex wanted to do anything that’s exactly what he would do.   Alex loved attention for attention’s sake. He just had to have the spotlight with all eyes on him. Alex would get jealous of any attention we gave to Jonathan (who had autism). The other day we were ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Santa Claus’ Love & Compassion Is Not Just For the Kids

I have a mentally disabled son who for some unknown reason just had to go see Santa Claus one year. The day came when I could no longer put this man-child of 19 off; he just had to see Santa Claus. At that time I did not have good clothes ..Continue Reading