Career Created by the True Gems in Life

So what do want to be when you grow up? No doubt, as children, all of us have not only been asked this question but have had to live it once we “grew up”. Are you a fireman, attorney or doctor? How about a social worker, psychologist or nurse? My ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: I Really Do Understand, Let Me Show You My Way

I am an early childhood teacher in a class of 9 Autistic children from the ages of 3-5 in an inclusive program with typical children. I have one student this school year that has been a great challenge for me (she is 4) but she shows me everyday how much ..Continue Reading

Seeking Safety at Highway Speeds During Back Seat Breakdown

It was literally a meltdown. The screaming from the back seat drowned out the radio, and then it happened… Alex flung open the door while we were speeding down the highway. We thought this behavior might eventually go away since it had subsided over the years. We were wrong! Although ..Continue Reading

Family’s Love Remains Resilient While Conquering Contention

Mother’s are very attentive to family members. This skill becomes second nature for Mother’s with many children. Throughout the years, I became increasingly aware of our family’s total focus on my fourth child, Jonathan, who has autism. I attribute this to the egocentric nature of autism and our continuous worry ..Continue Reading

No Fuss Potty Training For Special Needs Children

We all went through it but don’t remember it quite clearly. And, as a parent, you now have the distinct privilege of finding a way to help your child through it too. So what is “it”? Here’s a clue. The popular song “Splish Splash” relates to the subject at hand. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Conquering Challenges

In the center of our kitchen my son screams. He turns his hands over repeatedly and looks closely at each one, holding them out as if they were poison. I quickly pull a paper towel from the roll and dry his hands. The screams subside and he bounces contently from ..Continue Reading

Independent Mother Turns Void into Results for Gifted Children

When you hear “special needs” child, what do you think first? Most likely you think of the developmentally disabled like my son Jonathan.  He is autistic. However, Jonathan wasn’t my first step into the special needs arena. It began when I realized the older three children were ahead of their ..Continue Reading

Getting to the Truth Means Trumping Political Correctness

“The truth will set you free!” It is refreshing to know that the truth is what it is…whether we like it or not. Have you seen the movie “Liar, Liar”? Jim Carrey plays a fast track lawyer who continually breaks promises…especially to his wife and young son.  Knowing that Dad ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Conquering Mountains

When they cry; I am unemotional. When they are down; I stay positive and keep my chin up. When they are at school; I am in hospital. When they learn math and languages; I learn about life’s importance and overcoming struggles. When they are on study leave; I am at ..Continue Reading

Near Death Experience Prior to News of Special Needs Child

When Alex was just 6 months old, I was finally able to hold him in my arms after a long stent in the hospital. Up until that point l was recovering from a near death experience following Alex’s birth. My parents stayed with me during my recovery period and Mom ..Continue Reading