Stories From the Heart: Reflections on an Autistic Childhood

When my mother went into labour, she was watching an episode of the old television series Mission Impossible, a portent perhaps of the impossible mission she was about to embark upon raising an autistic child back in the 70’s and 80’s when understanding of the condition was even more in ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Voice Within

I am the voice within The child who recoils From your horrific world Filled with confusion and pain I whisper “Stay out” Lest you disturb my holy contemplation With your sharp intrusions of chaos and dissonance Weapons of your world of illusion and strife I seek only the security of ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Every day dawns with a new challenge for me. There is never a dull day in my life. I am a mother of a young man with Autism and I also work as para educator in a self contained class that serves students with disabilities, who have severe behavior issues. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Addressing the Challenge of the Blood Brain Barrier – the 1st Piece of the Puzzle

The blood brain barrier is a network of tight junctions of endothelial cells in the central nervous system vessels.  The cells are polarized into luminal (blood-facing) and abluminal (brain-facing) plasma membrane domains.   These protective membranes serve to allow substances to cross into and out of the brain selectively.  In a ..Continue Reading