Stories From the Heart: Why Can’t I Pass Fourth Grade?

Several years ago, a student whom I will call Frank, came to my classroom, introduced himself and said to me “I just cannot seem to pass fourth grade.”  I told him we would figure it out together. Off we went to fourth grade for a lesson and I sat at ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: ADHD 101 for Parents

ADHD has had different names over the years, being first identified in the early 1900’s.  ADHD is a diagnosable illness, however the cause is still debatable.  ADHD is often not diagnosed until children are in grade two or three. There are four main things that parents can do for children ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Parenting Outside the Box

Everyone gives birth to a perfect child—even a child born on the Autism Spectrum.  I am the parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.  As a result, I parent outside the box of normal.  I anticipate rather than react (or at least I try).  Rather than being spontaneous, I plan ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Keepin’ Your Eye on The Ball

Ahhh high school graduation! It’s the day where children and parents everywhere rejoice in the end of a 13 to 14 year struggle. Finally completed! Or is it? I voluntarily gave our family a reprieve for a couple years after graduation…not asking, wanting or fighting an uphill battle for anything. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Glass is Half Full, Today

Every year when school begins I am filled with hope that my son with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will enjoy his school year, making new friends, connecting with his teachers, and grasping the subject matter.  I no longer compare him to his older sister or younger brother, but try ..Continue Reading