Stories From the Heart: The Big Cheese

I was quite relieved when I heard that my son had Autistic tendencies, when we had him assessed at 24 months. For a long time I had been feeling that everyone was missing the big picture.  I could see he was not developing as a normal 2 year old should ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart:Networking

Every parent knows that other parents have the best tips and resources. You quickly learn to rely on your network of like-minded parents for restaurant, playground and parenting tips. But when you learn that your eldest has Autism, that carefully groomed network shatters and you’re left wondering where to turn. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Enjoy the Little Things

As a mother of four children on the Autism Spectrum I can’t help but reflect upon what I have learned from them.  My husband and I had many preconceived notions about parenthood before actually having our children.  I thought that because I am a teacher, I would naturally be a ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Finding the Joy

“Oh, I’m so sorry” “Poor thing” “It must be really hard for you” These are just some of the things I hear when someone finds out I am the mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum. When I first received my sons diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder PDD-NOS it ..Continue Reading