Stories From the Heart: Potential to Succeed

As the parent of a young college student with high-functioning Autism, I’m thankful for the dedicated special education professionals who work with a most needy and difficulty student population. My son was driven to clinical depression (1st & 3rd grades – shame on them) in a “good” neighborhood charter school. ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Finding the Common Ground

Like many people, I have an Autistic child.  He’s not the highest functioning but he’s come a very long way over the years.  One of my greatest fears as a mother is not that my son will not recover.  I know that our children will.  My fear is that he ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Patience Really Is a Virtue

As parents of a special needs child, we hear the word, “patience” every day and sometimes even more. But, have you ever really stopped to focus on just what that word means when dealing with the day-to-day struggles of caring for your special needs child?  As a father of a ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Benefits of Using Sign Language with Special Needs Children

Traditionally, sign language is only thought of in the context of either the deaf community, or to use with children who are hearing impaired. However, today, there are multiple populations of hearing children with special needs in which sign language has proven extremely beneficial. Some of these disabilities include Apraxia, ..Continue Reading