Stories From the Heart: “Lila, Mom’s a Witch!”

God blessed me with two wonderful and witty children with Autism. Having worked with Special Needs children for 12 out of my 18 years of teaching, I have always believed that these children should be held to high standards and that we should never treat them any “special.” In my ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Ebony, Our Little Boss

Our family has been blessed with a very special gift!  Our son, our grandson, our brother, Ebony (the Boss) is four years old.   He has brown curly hair, big brown eyes and the most adorable smile that could melt your heart.  He loves letters, numbers, music and his family, especially ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: My special needs ASD Child

When I got pregnant at age 39 I knew there was a greater risk of having a child with a disability. I had a background in special education so I knew that if that should happen I would be okay and that I would deal with whatever I was faced ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: The Victory Over Autism – A Poem of Hope and Recovery

The burden lies with me alone. Though it is something, I should have known, My dearest friends cannot conceive, The deep sorrow that time will not relieve. Must I explain my every thought? Why at times I have strength naught? To say it is a torture would be a lie, ..Continue Reading

Stories From the Heart: Counting Our Blessings

Many years ago, my husband and I were like many other couples, married later in life, both working, we wanted to have a family, and were not able to conceive. After years of treatments, we finally made the decision to adopt. After many twists & turns, we were surprised by ..Continue Reading