Dr. Tony Attwood on Asperger’s Syndrome

Whether you’re a curious parent or a seasoned professional, Dr Tony Attwood‘s personable approach to the Asperger’s way of thinking is very enlightening when he gives workshops. He describes numerous intriguing case examples and offers practical strategies that work for people with Asperger’s. Tony provides a diagnostic description of a person with Asperger’s. He offers a social curriculum that includes countless ideas and activities with a focus on emotion management.

Tony gives teachers great advice on how to effectively manage a classroom that includes students with Asperger’s. He offers tips for success and social/behavioral warning signs to watch for. He also shares helpful strategies for teaching adolescents with Asperger’s. Since social skills are so imperative at this age, this tends to be a particularly challenging age for students and, consequently, for teachers. You will learn how to curb anger and take preventative steps to avoid conflicts. Create a positive learning environment where ALL students thrive!

Dr. Tony Attwood also teaches how to implement cognitive behaviour therapy. This therapy helps people effectively work through their emotions by developing their ability to interpret the causes and effects of their own actions and reactions. Dr. Attwood offers important advice on: assessing emotional needs; avoiding and correcting misinterpretation of emotion; building self-esteem and improving self-awareness; managing anxiety, depression, and anger; and defining physical and social tools.

Tony Attwood explores in depth the complexity of the mysterious group of clinical pictures known collectively as Asperger’s syndrome, part of the wider autistic spectrum. He describes all the puzzling and fascinating aspects of these conditions and brings them vividly to life with illustrations from personal histories. He emphasises the fact that the individuals concerned have special skills as well as disabilities. Most important of all, he makes imaginative but always practical suggestions for helping people with the syndrome, their families and others who are involved. The author has achieved real empathic understanding of children and adults whose basic problem is a biologically based lack of empathy with others. The book is to be highly recommended for those with Asperger’s syndrome as well as for families, other carers and professionals in the field.

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7 years ago

I heard Dr. Attwood speak on a CD presentation. He is not only enlightening, but very very witty and easy to understand what he says about Asperger’s. I have been studying special education for two years, and what has been so mysterious has all been coming together with his lecture. I can’t wait to hear him in person!


7 years ago

Hello to all…I am a mother of two with autism spectrum disorder and I also have it…I would like to share some insight with the public….it is quite remarkable to me. That Dr. Tony attwood is very knowledgeable in aspergers syndrome…he is right on par…I wonder how can he know me so well…I can share some of the things I have gone through and what I did to overcome those things which crippled my ability to function as most typical people do…


7 years ago

I am now a Singer/ performer and am a multi talented person….I have an 8 year old which made an extraordinary improvement and an 18 year old that is a little tougher since aspergers was still unknown at the time of his final diagnosis…I have a website currently in progress and an organization…I will also be featured on the Wayne Gillis show within the month…


7 years ago

Hello again…aspergers is called a mild form of autism which people often do not take seriously…it is extremely frustrating…I have absolutely no support from my family or so called friends…because to them its not so serious…I am struggling to bring g up my children in a healthier home than what I was brought up in…I still struggle regularly with my own issues and my teenage son who never received early intervention…

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