Temple Grandin, Ph.D. – Special Keynote Lecture

At the time of this writing, the HBO movie “TEMPLE GRANDIN” featuring Claire Danes received 15 Emmy Nominations and tells the phenomenal biographical success story of world-renowned Dr. Temple Grandin, “Temple”. Meet Temple in person, up close and personal to learn what has made her the inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with autism worldwide.

In Temple’s unique presentation, she eloquently and candidly describes the challenges she has faced and offers no-nonsense ideas on how others dealing with autism can meet these obstacles and improve the quality of their own lives. Backed by her personal experience and evidence based research, Temple shares her valuable insights on a wide variety of topics, and offers useful do’s and don’ts. She will also share parts of her movie journey in working the incredible Claire Danes who portrayed her magnificently in the movie.

By attending, participants can modify the learning environment to accommodate sensory challenges, recognize and accommodate neurological differences in home or classroom settings, distinguish between voluntary behaviors and involuntary behaviours, responsibly utilize alternative and/or conventional medicine to the best of their advantage and assist individuals in developing their gifts and talents down a succinct career path.

Temple is one of those once in a lifetime individuals that if you have the opportunity to meet, you don’t want to miss it. She is an amazing, caring compassionate example of how you want your child, your student or your client to turn out in life! Meeting Temple face to face is phenomenal and you will remember the experience always as a highlight in your life travelling through the autism spectrum.

Dr. Temple Grandin will be in Calgary this November at a special appearance “Keys to the Treasure Chest”

Visit www.autismcalgary.org for more details