Spank you, spank you very much! (Continued)

Of course we were laughing harder than they were! Everything that could and would have gone wrong, did, but that was somehow okay. Jonny was accepted for who he was and is. A child with autism. When their song was over, his classmates filed off the stage as they had rehearsed, but not my Jonny. He was still doing his “thing” weaving in and out of the kids having a grand old time and the audience applause became very loud. Jonny all of the sudden became very aware of the audience, walked out to center stage and shouted at the top of his lungs. “Spank you, spank you very much!” and bowed. Afterwards, Caraly pointed out that maybe he had some sensory issues and the clothes were probably bothering him which is why he was acting out. From then on I dressed him in more comfortable clothes for him to wear, especially before going on stage! Sometimes as parents the obvious is oblivious to us and we miss it. Does anyone else ever have situations like these happen with their autistic children?

Certainly, these are stories to cherish, as we all grow in knowing what works for our children and what doesn’t!

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8 years ago

It was a funny, but true story. I’m sure many of us who have autistic children have special stories to tell. As far as writing more about this particular one, probably not. It is a complete story in itself.

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