Call For Volunteers – “Autism Through The Lifespan” April 8-9, 2011

We are looking for a limited number of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers to distribute fliers and posters throughout the entire Vancouver area!

We will be screening the first 50 volunteers that reply. Volunteers can be organizations or individuals who have an interest in advocating for the autism community and its increased awareness in education.

Volunteers will receive free registrations to the conference!

Join us at the Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress 2011 April 8th – 9th 2011!

Autism Through the Lifespan, featuring the Autism Expo & Market, will feature 18 plus of the world’s foremost autism experts speaking on topics covering the full range of everything that you must know about Autism Spectrum Disorders Across the Lifespan.

This theme reflects the reality that autism spectrum disorders present an evolving set of personal, familial, societal, and therapeutic issues as affected individuals pass from infancy, childhood through adolescence, adulthood, and finally old age.

Adopting a life-span perspective is a fundamental requirement for developing a set of comprehensive services to individuals and families who are dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This 2 day event assembles leading experts on autism spectrum disorders. Speakers include:
– Jerry Newport
– Dr. Stephen Shore
– Keri Bowers
– Bill Davis
– Julie Matthews
– Tasreen Alibhai
– David Kirby
– Dr. Bill Shaw
– Eustacia Cutler (Temple Grandin’s Mom)

Speakers will focus on ways to improve the quality of life for those affected by autism and the families, caregivers, and professionals by conducting presentations in the areas of:
– Behavioral and Biomedical Interventions
– Adjunct Therapies
– Social Skills Training
– Diet and Nutrition
– Family Issues

Please contact Susan Simmons at for details.