8 Year Old Autistic Author Makes Money With Book

We arrived in New Orleans for Jonathan’s eighth birthday and Autism Conference.

The night before the conference we went into the lounge looking for video games to play and Jonathan began chatting with some people at the bar and made a few friends.   When he told them why he was there they all wanted to buy his book.

Jonny was beaming with glee and got the biggest charge out of signing the books.

In fact, people were just handing him $20.00 bills.   He said “Money? Ya mean I get money for these books? Cool…”

One comment he wrote in a book to a man named Lionel was “Lion ‘L’, it’s me again, Jonny. This time, I’m older.”   Obviously, this was a tremendous opportunity for Jonny be out and about. He got to socialize with new people and witnessed how much a few strangers, and some return conference goers, really care about him.

We nearly sold out of the books before the conference began.

What joy has your special needs child experienced interacting with others?

How were you or your special needs child able to make an event work out for the best in their life?

Please share your story with me, what you did and how it worked.

To share your story, leave a comment below.

Please tell me about your inspirational story.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of AutismToday.com

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