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Share your CCNA v3.0 Experience

August 23rd, 2016 Go to comments

The CCNA 200-125 has come to replace the old CCNA 200-120 exam. We create the “Share your CCNA v3.0 Experience” for everyone to share their experience after taking this exam.

Note: We have a topic of Frequently Asked Questions & Tips for CCNA learners, surely you will find valuable information about the CCNA exam there.

Please share with us your experience after taking the new CCNA 200-125 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Your posts are warmly welcome! Hope you will find useful information from friends who have taken the CCNA exam!

Note: Email is not allowed to show in comment section.

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  1. Andrexsha
    May 19th, 2017

    @ambrogia I don’t know. We need to find these new questions. I really cant remember any of them.

  2. Mateo
    May 19th, 2017

    Taking in less than an hour. Will inform after.

  3. Adele
    May 19th, 2017

    All the best!

  4. nicko
    May 19th, 2017

    goodluck mate

  5. reham ali
    May 19th, 2017

    I will be tested on 23/5 Is there any change in damp 266 or labs please help me

  6. Meeha
    May 19th, 2017

    Hey guys, would you please share with me the latest valid dumps (350Q) at mohamed.abdelnaseerATgmailDOTcom

  7. ambrogia
    May 19th, 2017

    which three technical services support cloud computing ?
    A.network-monitored power sources
    B.layer 3 network routing
    C.ip localization
    D.redundant connections
    E.VPN connectivity
    F. extended SAN services
    Correct Answer: AEF????????is it true?????

  8. Nova
    May 19th, 2017

    i learned the questions under new ccna v3 questions and under ccna 200-125 category .
    in addition i learned all the labs , are you think its enough for pass the ccna?
    i would like to hear answers from people that recently did the ccna , and learned for the ccna from 9tut. :)
    thanks from advance.

  9. Meeha
    May 19th, 2017

    Would you please share with me the 545Q dump at mohamed.abdelnaseerATgmailDOTcom ?

  10. ccnaaa
    May 19th, 2017

    Would you please share with me the 545Q dump at edipozanerden(AT)gmail(dot)com ?

  11. jazib
    May 19th, 2017

    @ambrogia DEF

  12. God Confidence
    May 19th, 2017

    Hello everyone, thank you for sharing your comments here, it has been very helpful and informative. I’ll always visit this page for more updates regarding the exam. I finished training CCNA and I’m about to take the exam in a few days:)

  13. ambrogia
    May 19th, 2017

    @jazib i think its aef.are u sure??

  14. ambrogia
    May 19th, 2017

    @God Confidence what are u doing for training can u tell us??

  15. test10
    May 19th, 2017


  16. vvvvvvvvvvv
    May 19th, 2017

    hello everyone i need new damp please.. my test tomorrow

  17. Mateo
    May 19th, 2017

    PASS – Definitely questions from 350 and 80 on 9tut BUT not all (40%?). several new ones. For reference I have studied all dumps since April posted here and it has helped. You will need to have and understanding of basic routing and prefixes.

    SIMS (RIP and ACL mod 3)

  18. mik
    May 19th, 2017

    do you have the dumps for 80q?

  19. TOTO
    May 19th, 2017

    @Mateo plz share your the new questions

  20. ITGOOD
    May 19th, 2017

    Thanks to all guys
    I just did it By Lord grace this 18/05/17
    350Q is valid
    LAB: ACL and RIPv2

  21. Holololo
    May 19th, 2017

    @TEST 10

    dwezti fel Maghrib ??

  22. Leena
    May 19th, 2017

    @it good did u face new questions??

  23. OSPF
    May 19th, 2017

    @its-good Which country are u in?

  24. Anthony
    May 19th, 2017

    Guys, would it be enough to take the exam with 545Q+353Q dumps? Just wanted to confirm before taking the exam.

  25. Pradeep_India
    May 19th, 2017


    I do answered your question on the previous page, anyways here you go…

    Whatever you have learnt under the section of 200-125 is not enough to pass the exam.

    545Q also known as 545 Questions is set of old questions asked in past exams, but I don’t insist you to study only that.

    Our good folks made new set of questions that is 350Q which has most updated questions, but for couple days we are hearing that 5 to 10 extra new questions are started to appear on 200-125 exam.

    Frequently visit the site to keep yourself updated.

    Note: I yet to appear for the exam

  26. Pradeep_India
    May 19th, 2017


    No I guess, people who taken the examination are mostly reporting that new questions were included!

  27. B.L.A.M._BW
    May 19th, 2017

    What’s up guys?

    Just wanted to ask? Is ACL mod 3 the one that’s on 9TUT? If not where can i find it?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. k214
    May 19th, 2017

    Today was my 2nd attempt. I failed. 350 still valid but only 50%. A lot of questions about ipv6 the same drag and drop, acl lab the same than in 9tut. new ospf sim. I did not have enough time for the new questions.

  29. ITGOOD
    May 19th, 2017

    @ Leena
    Yes 2 news
    @ OSPF

  30. Leena
    May 19th, 2017

    @it good can u share

  31. Ali_india
    May 19th, 2017

    @Mateo could u please send me 80 q to email :- mubarakiiit at gmail.com

  32. Anthony
    May 19th, 2017

    @Pradeep.Thanks for your care.

  33. ITGOOD
    May 19th, 2017

    check on lab page
    –RIPv2 Troubleshooting Sim
    –CCNA Access List Sim 2
    –CCNA Configuration SIM Question

  34. asdadas
    May 19th, 2017

    @Mateo could u please send me 80 q to email

  35. ban
    May 19th, 2017

    QUESTION 298
    What to do when the router password was forgotten?
    A.use default password cisco to reset
    B.access router physically
    C.use ssl/vpn
    D.Type confreg 0x2142 at the rommon 1
    b or D ?????

  36. osamasokkar
    May 19th, 2017

    i have the exam after tomorrow, i want to reschedule the date because of the unstablity of the dumps,by experience when shall i date my new exam ?

  37. Got970
    May 19th, 2017

    fu@uk you admin of this page , if I found hacker I will ask him to f you right now

    hopefully you are reading my comments now , I tried to help the others putting link to my dropbox to to use the dump with no luck

  38. Got970
    May 19th, 2017

    he want to sell fu questions , i will try to close your page fu admin

  39. osamasokkar
    May 19th, 2017

    @Got970 could u send it mail plz
    mail: osamaes44ATgmailDOTcom

  40. Man
    May 19th, 2017

    Hey guys, would you please correct answer for 350 equation dumps

  41. test10
    May 19th, 2017

    uii f lmghrib

  42. Solokab
    May 19th, 2017

    Please share the valid dums.

  43. needhelp
    May 19th, 2017

    please send to me a 545Q
    mustafaow2 at gmail dot com
    tanx alot

  44. hu
    May 19th, 2017

    I FAILED TODAY (MAY 19th). got 790.

    64Q TOTAL. I studied very well ALL new 80q and the ones on right side under CCNA 200-125 CATEGORY.

    @ 9TUT thanks for your help as always but can you PLEASE update the questions because I COUNTED 22 QUESTIONS THAT WERE NOT IN THE ABOVE TWO CATEGORIES.

    Labs were ACL AND RIPV2 same as in 9tut.

    I believe i did well in the labs but I know I got screwed over in the multiple choice because i had to guess alot of answers that I have not seen before.

    I plan on re-doing exam after I come across the new questions I seen during my exam today.

  45. BraCisco
    May 19th, 2017

    Hi hu

    Did you study all the dumps? 266 + 345?

  46. Andrej
    May 19th, 2017

    Hi hu

    What new questions did you have on the exam?

  47. Man
    May 19th, 2017

    Guys you can correct the wrong answers in 350Q as some of the questions are wrong.

  48. BGP
    May 19th, 2017

    The best way to help our selves to remember the new questions

    Can you remember any

  49. hu
    May 19th, 2017

    I’m sorry I cannot recall the exact questions or their multiple choice answers but If I see and come across them I will recognize them for sure.

    I have only studied new 80q and the ones on right side under CCNA 200-125 CATEGORY on 9tut

    I was just worried, since 20+ new questions appeared in my exam today there must be more out there.

    It’ll be nice if @9TUT could look for these questions and placed them on 9tut with correct answers and explanations for us.

    However the rest of the questions can be found as 9tut mentions in the 2 categories, new 80q and the ones on right side under CCNA 200-125 CATEGORY

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