At the Autism Edmonton Conference, Parents, Families, Caregivers and Professionals will discover how to make significant improvements in the life of a child with autism, including:

• Find out about the newest biomedical research developments.

• Treat food allergies using special dietary interventions including   eliminating wheat and dairy.

• Find out why heavy metals play a role in autism and developmental   disorders.

• Learn why the level of cholesterol is important for brain function.

• Gain a basic overview and understanding of each foundational   biomedical therapy that is useful in treating autism.

• Identify the specific symptoms in children who may benefit from   biomedical interventions

• Gain a good understanding of how all the biomedical therapies work   together along with educational therapies.

• Obtain practical information on how to get started pursuing biomedical   treatments for autism.

• Review of research showing physical and behavioral reactions by   removing specific additives from the diet

Hope, Healing & Possibilities