Unsure if you should consider biomedical approaches in treating autism?  Are you confused about where and how to get started?  Lori’s presentation is designed for those new to the biomedical approach and for those seeking an easy to understand overview of some of the most important biomedical treatments.  She will include an overview of the most important therapies that contributed to her son’s recovery including dietary intervention, applied behavioral analysis (ABA), yeast treatments, supplements therapy, chelation, and other alternative treatments that helped contribute to her son’s recovery.  This is a practical and parent friendly presentation that will inspire and give you hope.  Share in Daniel’s progress through his mother’s account, pictures and video segments.
Learning Objectives:
•    Gain a basic overview and understanding of each foundational biomedical therapy that is useful in treating autism.  The therapies discussed include diet, yeast and bacteria treatment, nutritional supplements, and detoxification.
•    Identify the specific symptoms in children who may benefit from biomedical interventions and how these symptoms can be alleviated through each intervention.
•    Gain a good understanding of how all the biomedical therapies work together – along with educational therapies  –  to offer hope for significant improvement and sometimes recovery.
•    Obtain practical information on how to get started pursuing biomedical treatments for autism.

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