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Karen SimmonsAbout Autism Today
In 1996, Karen Simmons (author, keynote speaker, and businesswoman in autism-related endeavors) had a vision to simplify the information gathering and evaluating process for families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders… and Autism Today was the outcome. read more

“These pictures are some of the best illustrations of what autism is. They give the reader a really good picture of how a child with autism thinks. They think with pictures in their head. I use them in my presentation and lectures to demonstrate visual thinking process.” – Temple Grandin, Autistic Adult, Presenter, and Author of Thinking In Pictures read more

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Autism Today highlights the latest issues, dynamics, anxieties, needs and trends relating to autism. We are at the forefront of providing information and access to experts for hundreds of thousands of parents, families, teachers and caregivers who have loved ones on the spectrums. read more

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Media and Press Inquiries; Schedule an Interview with Karen Simmons, the Autism Lady. read more