Many of you have written or spoken to me personally about my new documentary series on PBS NEWSHOUR, “Autism Today,” produced by Caren Zucker, with the collaboration of Robin Mcneil, the beloved former co-host of PBS’ flagship news program, Macneil/Lehrer Newshour.  I have good news and bad news.  First – as lovely an idea as it is, PBS’ Autism Today has no relationship to my company, Autism Today.  To clear up the confusion, last week, we contacted the folks and PBS NEWSHOUR, and they were kind enough to change the name of the series they had previously marketed under the title, “Autism Today,” to “Autism Now.”  Ah, fame: bittersweet, and so fleeting!

The good news?  America has finally discovered autism!  Everyone at Autism Today is delighted to see PBS take this subject on. We admire MacNeil/Lehrer Productions’ reputation for broadcasting excellence, the personal integrity of Robin MacNeil and Jim Lehrer, and the reliability of the information provided through their broadcasts.  We are also big believers in Big Bird and all the great programming made possible in the U.S. by PBS, NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  So go buy your popcorn, gather the family and be sure to watch PBS’ Autism Now Monday on your local PBS channel.  Check your local listings for times.  If you do not have access to PBS, check out the PBS NEWSHOUR series at

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