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Autism software is program and applications designed to facilitate corrective measure required to solve the problem which is a spectrum disorder with three general areas of impairment which are:

(a) Communication disorder.

(b) Socialization disorder, and

(c)Repetitive disorder.

As Autism remains one of five disorders categorized as Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) software developers in the last two decades have turned out a good number of software and technology solutions which focused on helping and educating people with autism in both the research literature and the marketplace. Software in this category has been manufactured for use on multiple different platforms including personal computers, assistive technology devices and PDAs.

Although many researchers report on successful software/technology-based products and prototypes, very little is known about how well, or if, these solutions are currently integrated into the lives of the targeted users. The major user in this group includes individuals living with autism, their families, teachers, and other professionals who focus on people with autism.

Developing educational software for the personal computer platform can deliver a one-on-one structured learning environment which is often required for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to learn a topic effectively. Software provided on technology devices may offer readily accessible and inexpensive teaching tools which augment off-line learning that children and adults can easily access at home or school, thereby addressing the difficulty of a shortage of instructors needed for intensive one-on-one teaching.

A wide range of innovative and shipping software products (currently for sale) have been designed for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. There are many software and technologies in the educational and entertainment domains that can benefit individuals with ASD that targets a wider range of cognitive disabilities. Products and prototypes designed specifically for individuals with autism range from web-based instruction, language-related skill acquisition, robots, virtual peers, facial recognition instruction and virtual reality simulations,

The followings are the available autism software:

  1. Bugs and Bubble– an educational game software with multiple games involving colour and math

  2. Free Electric this app has emotions diary and allow users to create stories as well as mood dude

  3. Choice Board-Creator allows you to create choice boards using your photos, text and music.

  4. Emotions – the software uses real faces to help people learn emotions.

  5. I Lexis Lite is an application that teaches words associated with the environment like homes and schools.

  6. Know Bullying– an app designed for parents and caregivers to get kids of all abilities talk about their day.

  7. SodaPop App- creates social circle on a private social media platform.

  8. Stop!t– Gives kids a tool to report cyber bullying easily and anonymously.

  9. Autism Xpress helps kids interpret and express emotions and feelings.

  10. Breathe2Relax– is an app developed to help kids calm through the use of natural breath control. It provides a breathing tutorial on how long to inhale and exhale.

  11. Fluidity– The bright real-time fluid screen helps with self-regulation and calming.

  12. iCouncelour: anger– this app teaches skills for reducing violence.

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