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Autism Today is many things to many people, but above all it is a community, characterized by a high degree of interaction, accessibility and love, shared by every one of us with one another.  Over more than a decade, we have been blessed by the friendship, support and participation of some of the top experts, leaders and innovators in the autism community.  We make every effort to create grassroots-level opportunities for children and parents to interact with them.

Dr. Stephen Shore is a dear friend to us and a continuing source of inspiration.  A person with autism, Stephen’s own life story began, as have so many, with a diagnosis and a professional recommendation that he be institutionalized.

Today, he bridges the knowledge gap between neurotypicals and their children, students, relatives or employees.  This week, as he so often does, Stephen’s story captured the attention of the producers of the PBS series NOVA, in connection with their feature about magic acts, and how they offer an interesting technique for teaching children on the autism spectrum about social cues and communication.  Here’s the link: xxx.  Enjoy!