At Long Last!

Autism Tomorrow is Finally Here!

At long last, Autism Tomorrow: The Complete Guide To Help Your Child Thrive In The Real World book is
finally here!

We’ve been working on it for two years and every time we thought we were finished, we found exciting new material we just HAD to include.

Though April is Autism Awareness Month, we thought our children’s future deserved an entire month by itself so we’re dedicating May to Autism Tomorrow.

We know that Autism Tomorrow is a book you need today, as you design your child’s future, so we’ve created the blog with new content every day, and updated author information so you can comment and add your questions for any author.

You will learn about estate planning, independent living, nutrition, fitness, employment, safety, sexuality, puberty, dating, bullying, reading, social skills, communication and more…

You can find out more about Autism Tomorrow at

P.S. Be sure to go vote May as Autism Tomorrow month and sign the petition