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I was 37 when I discovered why a part of me was fragmented, I cried, I raged, I calmed down, and I learned to understand my weakness and strength; so that I could try to rebuild my fragmented self and turn it into a whole.

The journey has been long, at times I leave pieces of my heart on the road, at times I pick a rose; but throughout it all, I know that I am not alone, that there are many fellows Aspies like me on the road . . . And so I continue to persevere in ways to learn to communicate so that others can hear my inner voice. — Veronica York, GA, USA

With the appearance of Autism in the world, the word once rang of despair for a lot of mothers who only hoped that their children’s actions would be controlled by, perhaps, a behavioral medication. The word once rang of loneliness, for the children on the spectrum had become lost to their void, their world, and the mothers and children who had become outcasts in the society to which the parents once belonged. The word also once rang of defeat, for the parents broke down, losing all hopes that their lives would ever be the same again, and sometimes leaving their children to try to fight the darkness alone, only to fail and lead a life with no purpose whatsoever.

However, with the rate at which adequate attention had been paid to giving care to the autistic disability using hi-tech software system and other advanced medication and support, it will get to a point tomorrow when autism will be diagnosed, and it will sound like it never matters.

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