Sensory Disorder Leads Autistic Child to Seek Serenity in Snug Places

I called out his name repeatedly… “Jonathan…Jonathan…where are you? …Jonathan!” No response. Standing still, very quietly, I hoped to make out any distant sound that would have pin pointed his location…still, I hear nothing. After quickly looking out the windows and outside doors there was still no sign of Jonathan. ..Continue Reading

How to Avoid the Stare Down when Your Child’s Temper Tantrum Flares Up in Public

Having always been in touch with my emotions I knew I could handle it yet it didn’t quite turn out that way this time around… Tempers, tantrums, meltdowns, whatever you wish to call them, all seem to have a pattern. And this time, Jonathan threw me for a loop. No ..Continue Reading

Revealing the Invisible Disability…Autism

“Don’t you know how to take care of your child ?!?” The hurt was extreme.  I felt it linger deep within me. You know the feeling. Like the pain of a sudden and unexpected stomach or head ache.  It’s as if someone literally punched you…hard. It was difficult not to ..Continue Reading

Autistic Boy and Bus Driver Make Amends After Bustle with Bully

Part of his apology letter stated: “He throws leftover chocolate Jello pudding (in a container with holes on the lid) at me when he’s getting off, and it gets my clothes dirty (mom doesn’t want me to wear dirty clothing).” For a Mom, it was a tear jerker alright. While ..Continue Reading

Selfless Action Cuts Through the Maze of Many Mutations of Disability

There are many branches or disciplines involving the developmentally disabled that can be challenging to confront. Many times, a “roadmap” is needed to know which way to go and what to do at the crossroads in order to minimize frustration. That is why sharing my journey with you by introducing ..Continue Reading

Strict Supervison of Disabled Child Averts Tragedy

Wham…”ouch!!” How many times have you stubbed your toe attempting to navigate your way to the bathroom at night? “Darn it, where are the keys? Wonderful…now I need a locksmith!” Locked yourself out of the car or house more than once? Have you ever walked into that sliding glass door ..Continue Reading

Family is First on the Scene Covering the Disability Corner

Support is nice to have. Support from family is critical. Life is strange sometimes. You can’t always get what you want. Many times, however, you are blessed with what really matters. During the first presentation that I ever gave, my two oldest kids gave me “good luck gifts.” They made ..Continue Reading

Syncing Circadian Rhythm with Sleeping Schedule of Special Needs Persons

What do special needs children, circadian rhythm and bed sheets have in common? That is the million dollar question to be discussed. As a loving Mother of two special needs children I am grateful that currently, only my son Alex exhibits extreme sleep issues. Still, it is a challenge. Living ..Continue Reading

Life’s Highway of Disability Includes Bumps and Detours

A journey of many miles starts with a single step. Most often there are many stops along a curving path. Rarely is the journey a perfectly paved or straight road. Often times, some of the road signs are missing or not what you expected to see. Have you ever got ..Continue Reading

Silent Seizure Symptoms of the Disabled

Has anyone ever snapped their fingers, yelled at you or otherwise had to get your attention in a blatantly conspicuous manner? Were you surprised at their frustration when you finally “came to”? Most likely, you were jolted back to reality as a result of their desperate attempt to get your ..Continue Reading