Truth Hurts: What To Do When Your Kid Always Speaks The Bitter Truth

Truth Hurts: What To Do When Your Kid Always Speaks The Bitter Truth

Children with autism have the uncanny habit of speaking the truth all the time. This results in really embarrassing situations sometimes! Autistic children (and even adults) have minds that tell them that being honest is more important than being polite. So you may hear sentences like “You’re fat”, “You’re ugly”, ..Continue Reading

A Personal Message from Karen Simmons

When I co-authored “Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs” with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Heather McNamara, the biggest dilemma we faced was what to call the book ,as folks both did and did not want to be labeled in certain ways. It was reported to ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Apps and Software for Autism

Why is the iPad so important for working with autism in children? Steve Jobs probably never had this in mind while he was developing it, but the truth is this little gadget has revolutionized the world for nonverbal kids with autism. Communication devices that before were cumbersome to use and ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Autism Tools for Improving Communication

Those who have interacted with autistic people have become aware of the need to help them improve their communication skills. This type of people began to be frustrated when they can’t express their needs. Fortunately, there are a lot of strategies that parents can use to improve the communication abilities ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Positive Autism Techniques for Managing Challenging Behavior

Autistic children have behaviors that are not pleasing for other people. However, an autistic child should not be scolded too much by parents. It is always better to follow pleasant ways to improve the child’s behavior. This will definitely result to positive changes if the strategy is done carefully to ..Continue Reading

Top 10 Autism Strategies for Encouraging Better Social Skills

In this article, I am going to teach you the top 10 strategies on how to help your autistic child develop social skills. With the right strategies, you can help your child reach his or her full potential when it comes to communicating with others. In our everyday lives, we ..Continue Reading

Top Ten Things To Know & Do If Autism Strikes Your Family!

If you or someone you know receives a diagnosis for their child, student, family member or client you need to tell them early intervention is the best chance they have to get the child the help they need.  Be sure to tell them to get over it fast. Do not ..Continue Reading

Be part of the Art! Exploring our Autism Arts Website,

Be part of the Art!  Start by exploring our autism arts website, The Art of Autism is universal.  For so many of our kids, art is that first inspiration that lures them out, into a world of fulfilling social interactions, through their exceptional, autism-enhanced ability to connect to others ..Continue Reading

Every Autism Mom is a Star: But there is only one Eustacia Cutler

What can I say about Eustacia Cutler?  It is impossible to know Temple Grandin‘s story without intuitively knowing the strength, the dogged determination of the woman who never gave up on her daughter.  Even if you knew nothing of Eustacia, her background, her own beautiful telling of her story, A ..Continue Reading

Karen’s Blog: Sharing a Teen Idol with my Kids

Last night my dream came true  Although I love many different types of music from rock to jazz to blues to orchestra I got to see live in person my favorite musician in the whole wide world, Roger Hodgson of Supertramp!  As a young pup, I would drive through the ..Continue Reading