Celebrating Partnerships: Debra Ruh & TecAccess

At Autism Today, we are constantly on the hunt for opportunities to work with our colleagues in the autism community.   To promote Autism Vancouver, I was delighted recently to team up with my good friend, Debra Ruh,  founder and CEO of TecAccess.

Established in 2001, TecAccess specializes in making Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) accessible to people with disabilities– the largest and fastest growing demographic in the world.  But it also helps people with disabilities to access job opportunity – in this case, to help Autism Today inform the autism community about Autism Vancouver.

To deliver on its marketing contract with Autism Today, TecAccess partnered with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services and non-profit American Epiphany for a pilot internship program to teach special needs young people to become social media specialists.  In the process, we all hope, these youngsters will learn how to land jobs in the corporate world—jobs with hopes of developing into long-term successful careers.   There are currently 60 million Americans with disabilities and of that 74% are unemployed and most depend on government assistance.

Says Ruh, “Our goal is to expose them to a work environment and teach them how to use skills they already have in an appropriate way that can pay huge dividends for the businesses that hire them.”  For more information about TecAccess, see their website at:  www.tecaccess.net.

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