Come to Calgary!

“Justin from East Shore Cafe in Daphne”

by Susan Simmons

We recently met a young man named Justin at East Shore Cafe in Daphne Alabama. No, he doesn’t have autism, he’s just a super wonderful guy that touched my heart – actually the hearts of all of us who had lunch there that day. He was our waiter at this truly remarkable and amazing cafe – the food was awesome! I have never encountered anyone before who did their job with such heart, passion, and enthusiasm!

How can such a simple job be so much fun, I wondered. It didn’t take long to realize that it’s really in the spirit of what we are doing, and not always necessarily what we are doing. Frame of mind is really the only thing that is real. It is when you are loving life and in the moment that brings inner peace and happiness.

Justin is a living example of what it means to enjoy life. They have a motto at the restaurant “no worries”.

My sister Karen told me years ago – maybe 20 – that she saw a woman in Sri Lanka stringing pearls or selling shells or something by the side of the road, yet she was happy. Not that waiting tables is an easy task, mind you.

Have you ever tried waiting tables? I have. It takes a lot of concentration – more than writing this post. It not only takes concentration, but coordination. If I had anywhere near the spunk that Justin has I would have tripped over one of those floor boards or dropped some soup in someone’s lap, for sure! he just whips around the corner of the flung door and zips to the end of the porch with food without spilling a drop! Kind of like in the cartoons!

We all took such a liking to him that we asked him to make a short clip for us to invite you to Calgary! He absolutely loves being on camera – no stage fright there! And, I really think he should be in the movies! See what ‘y’all’ think!

By the way, if you ever get to Daphne Alabama, be sure the get the corn and crab chowder at East Shore Cafe! It’s worth the trip!

Now, check out this wonderful young man who loves life more than just about anyone I’ve ever known!

“Come to Calgary!”

“Come to Calgary!”

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