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Donna Williams
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Art: “Featured artist on the spectrum”
Donna WilliamsBio: Donna Williams was born in 1963 and grew up in a challenged family in the working class area of the inner city in Australia. Tested for deafness, assessed as disturbed and finally diagnosed in her twenties as autistic, Donna lived a rather feral childhood, experiencing a freedom within the community that most children with autism are protected from these days. In her twenties, she wrote her international bestseller, Nobody Nowhere, following it with two sequels, Somebody Somewhere and Like Color To The Blind. As an international public speaker in the field of autism she went on to write three text books, Autism: An Inside-Out Approach, Autism and Sensing; the unlost instinct and Exposure Anxiety; The invisible cage. She is an accomplished sculptor, painter and composer with her own website www.donnawilliams.net. She lives with her husband Chris, her fellow adventurer.

Donna Williams Art

Creative Talent >> Donna Williams

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