Dr. Stephen Shore, Autism Expert, Calgary, This November

Stephen Shore, Ed.D.

Dr. Stephen Shore shares his autobiographical journey from the nonverbal days as he relates his life to the many challenges facing people on the autism spectrum. Some of the areas discussed include classroom accommodation, teaching of musical instruments, as well as issues faced by adults such as relationships, self-advocacy, higher education, and employment. At a conference, he will end a session with a short audience activity demonstrating what it feels like to have autism and to struggle through some of the challenges surrounding communication and socialization.

The focus of Dr. Shores dissertation towards doctorate was the true comparison between educational, behavior and developmental approaches for working with children on the autism spectrum. Qualitative research was initiated to investigate the following about Applied Behavioral Analysis, TEACCH, Daily Life Therapy, Miller Method, and DIR. Through written correspondence and face to face interviews, the developers of these varied approaches were queried on how they define autism, think about children with autism, and would handle carefully designed case studies representing the spectrum of autism. Some preliminary findings suggest that current definitions of autism are lacking and a more multi-dimensional approach is needed, some techniques are applicable across approaches, and a general sense that people with autism have something valuable to contribute to the community as a whole.

Achieving a best outcome for a productive transition to adulthood requires intervention in the three main areas of behavioral/developmental/educational, biomedical, and sensory integration. The importance of the interplay between these three areas of intervention as well as approaches focused on addressing social and self-awareness necessary to navigate the adult worlds of employment, relationships, continuing education, interdependent living, and appropriate self-advocacy shall be examined. Join Stephen Shore as he shares his incredible journey personally and professionally through a spectrum of information.

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