Early Intervention Yields Improved Autistic Lifestyle

The autism diagnosis is official.

What do you do now?

Which therapy path is best, what does it involve and how long will it take to see results?

Research your options, get involved, take note of small success (as well as setbacks) and never give up. There is no “silver pill” when it comes to autism or other disabilities of this nature.

During my son Jonathan’s early intervention process, I tried everything I could to try and help him.

Surprisingly, DAVID gave long lasting effects.

Light and sound therapy, in the form of a machine called DAVID, was the first thing I tried. Flashing lights and pulsing tones from DAVID help integrate both sides of the brain. While using this technique we saw great improvement in Jonathan’s behavior and even did a six-week at home study.

The results were excellent and we continued to use this therapy for two years. During this time we observed Jonathan’s communication, comprehension, behaviors, physical characteristics and social interaction.

The effects even lasted after we stopped using DAVID. Only due to the increased complexity of our daily lives did we discontinued using DAVID. It was just one more process to try to implement and we believe in it to this day.

Jonathan’s autism improved with intensive therapy and good education. Although his autism will never go away, it is a big part of his charm.  Similar to someone that has multiple cowlicks, freckles or other unique trait you must work with it to make the most of it.

Concerning therapy for autism, it is important to try new things as long as they are researched carefully. Be sensible too.  Keep your financial house in order or you could literally lose your real house (roof over your head). You wouldn’t believe the horror stories I heard out there including stories of parents becoming homeless with their children.

Simply put, at the end of the day, there is only so much you can do for someone with autism.  Yes, do remain creative and do strive for lifestyle improvements for your autistic loved one but maintain a healthy dose of realism.

Of course, I believe it is very important to explore your options and try some of the tested and true interventions such as nutrition and biomedical, along with behavioral, recreational and social. The list goes on and on.

What interventions have you tried related to autism?

Have you found one, or several methods, more effective?

Share your story about attempts to find the best therapy for your autistic loved one.

Share that story now by leaving a comment below.

Hearing about new and improved autism therapy is wonderful.

Let me know what you have been up to.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of AutismToday.com


P.S. Autism therapy has grown over the years.  For tips, strategies, and tools you need to stay informed about autism therapy, download this video presentation:



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