What makes a true friend?

Alex, my youngest son with CP found out the hard way.

True friends don’t take advantage of you or your situation.

Many tend to think of bullying as “Kids just being kids”.  That is too bad since history shows otherwise.

With proper intervention any child that is bullied can learn effective means to de-escalate situations that may initially encourage bullying. At its worst, bullying can be stopped via violent retaliation such as the Columbine incident gave witness. Of course, this “solution” only turns a mole hill into a mountain of trouble.

As friends come with different personalities bullying takes many different forms.

The typical and most common bullying scene occurs where kids in the class make fun of another child for a short period of time.  This situation, when approached quickly and properly, usually diffuses itself or even fizzles out unnoticed.   Alex was recently in a situation with a boy who was pretending to be a very good friend.

Alex so desperately wants friendship and to be social with others. You can see how he became an “easy” target of a bully.

This particular “friend” would ask Alex for money, bottles and whatever else he could get from Alex.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the signs of an opportunist if you are a special needs child.  Further, bullies are adept and savvy manipulators that even adults fall for their crafty stories and tactics. What complicates matters is that certain social cues you and I pick up on go unnoticed by special needs persons being targeted by bullies.

As it turned out in the particular case with Alex, the rest of our family was watching out for him and pointed this out to me.

Alex didn’t have to fret much longer as his “friend” got the point soon after.

How have you dealt with bullying and special needs persons?

What was most effective in your opposition to bullies?

Please share your story with me, what you did and how it worked.

Be sure to detail you story by leaving your comment below.

Hearing about your positive and effective means of “deflating” a bullies “balloon” is encouraging.

Karen Simmons
Mother, Wife, Author, Founder & CEO of AutismToday.com


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