Heart for Those With Autism – A Message From Susan

A message from my sister Susan:

Justin is gifted in more ways than one. He’s great on the camera, but his passion for people is awesome! He wants to help people on the autism spectrum (I think he already is). The way he spoke about Tyler that day was very touching.

I spoke with Justin twice this weekend – once to thank him for doing the video. Then he called me back to tell me he saw the video and thanked us for the opportunity to make it. He liked it a lot, but felt he didn’t know enough about autism to really do a good job of it. I told him that’s why it was so perfect! It’s not the knowledge about the subject that matters as much as having a heart for it. The bloopers and cutting up made it really fun, but when he spoke about his friend Tyler with autism, his sincere side kicked in and he really spoke from the heart.

Justin really liked the video. He is very talented and has a lot of spunk. Lunch that day was more than extraordinary, as the food was not only superb, but he brought such a ray of sunshine to the table that day, that was unsurpassed.

But after talking today with Justin, I learned that what I like most about him is his passion to help other people. If we only think of ourselves, I think we kind of miss the boat in life. Love is giving of yourself to others, even if it’s as simple as a smile.

“No worries” goes a long way. If we worry, it blocks us from reaching out to others. It goes for abundance too. If you know that love is abundance, and you give it freely, it comes back to you.

Life is what it is going to be, so sit back and enjoy the ride, sit back and smile! It’s a whole lot more fun that way!

Thanks, Karen for giving me the opportunity to put this message out there!


Click Here to see Justin in action

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