How is Digestion, Elimination and Nutrition Absorption Related to Autism Spectrum Disorders?

A Gut Feeling! The Importance of Digestion, Elimination

Dr Michael Nowazek M.N.D. is amazing is his explanation on Nutrient Absorption in Autism Spectrum Disorders. He knows more about the importance of bowel function and how it is directly related to neurological function than you or I can even imagine!  He can tell you in detail how problems within the bowel can lead to autistic symptoms and aggravations. Dr Nowazek can tell you what signs and symptoms to look for in the various problems within the bowel that could be contributing to autistic problems. His knowledge of testing available and what to look for goes beyond what many people know.  He can tell you all about what options are available, based on test results, as well as other considerations for bowel function.

Dr. Nowazek is also highly-specialist in his knowledge on liver function, testing  and treatment options available as well as its importance to neurological health.

What do you know about methylation, conjugation and other important liver enzyme actions that when not working will cause neurological problems including autism? I have heard these terms used many times and want to know more about how this works, and how I can help others with autism!

It’s amazing how much infectious, vaccine damage, metals toxicity affect the bowel and liver.

How do the symptoms of bowel problems contribute to autism? How do liver problems contribute to autism? And, what are some of the original causes of bowel and liver problems and how does it all relate to autism?
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Find out why nutrition and autism spectrum disorders are so interrelated and what you can do to help those you love!

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