How Parents Can Help a Child with Autism

Share the knowledge; Understanding autism is to raise awareness and the issues surrounding it. Typically, children with autism may have issues around what is safe and what is not.  Because of their literal way of understanding, they can be perceived as being blunt and offensive in what they say and do.  Educate peers, teachers, family and community members, when you say “He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth”, children with autism look for the spoon!

Remember, learning styles:  All people learn in different ways.  Whether they process their world through sight, sound or touch, determines the quality of their communication.  Since generally people with autism are visual learners, it is important to communicate with pictures and words.  For example, while preparing for this talk, I needed to see the details outlined for our trip down here while Pat needed for me to tell her over the phone what was going on! And when it comes to learning, remember that as all kids do!

Children with autism also change dramatically from year to year.  One year you may think they will never “get” a concept and then the following year they totally understand it.  One example was when Jonny as twelve he said “I think I’ll take my kids to Disney World when I have them” I was shocked he was even thinking about having kids!  I immediately said “where are you and your wife going to live when you get married?”  He replied “well, here mom!”  I then explained that he would have to get a job and have his own house if he was going to have kids.  I wasn’t going to be taking care of his family.  The next year he totally knew this was the case!  Remember to live in the now. Be in the now.  After all, we are human beings, not human doings or human dones.

Everyone evolves, including people with autism.

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